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a girl who is easy to get along with and extremely chill, girls like kelli are usually found chillin out at home by the tv or eating tacos. kellis have the best sense of humor and can't be serious about anything. life is just fun in the eyes of a kelli, be good to one if you ever find one. they have brown hair, are quite short, and are cute as fuck;; and life is just easier when you have a kelli to help you out
James: Hey man, who is that chick? She seems cool
Kyle: That's kelli, she's kick ass!
James: Fuckin' sweet, I wish I was friends with her!
by iloveyou xoxo July 25, 2009
a ganster name for people with names that start with k. it is used by people who just dont feel cool enough being referred to by their real name
Amanda: hey, what's your name?
Karen: masta k unit.
Amanda: oh wow.
by iloveyou xoxo July 25, 2009

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