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The most grueling, tiring, REWARDING sport EVER. Cross Country is hard but it makes a person really healthy. Requires a lot of running which makes a person's body tight, lean, and graceful looking. XC guys aren't gay! They're hot as hell. And us girls...well...you know! XC is so much fun!!!
XC Runner: A 10 minute cooldown run after a 5k? Hey, I'm down.

XC Runner 2: Let's go past the hot XC guys!

XC Runner: Yeah!!
by ilovepp954 August 24, 2005
Two meanings...

1. A tight alternative song by the Finnish band Poets of the Fall. It's featured in the Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne game.

2. From what I gather, when a person knows something should have been stopped or over from the start but allows it to cross the line. In the song, it pertains to two friends who went too far...
1. "And we keep drivin' into the night, it's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye."

2. I wish we wouldn't have even gone out! Now it's gonna be a late goodbye.
by ilovepp954 August 15, 2005
1. Usually proceeded by "the" or "that". It's the imaginary wall that seperates friendship and something confusing, something more. Crossing that line, is usually a bad thing and can be very costly to a friendship. Once this line is passed, there is no turning back, the door is closed.

2. Any line that separates good things and bad things.
1. "I regret that we crossed that line."

2. "Don't cross the line with that teacher. She'll give you a referral on the spot."
by ilovepp954 August 15, 2005

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