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The worst residence hall at Notre Dame. Siegfried hall is notorious for providing housing for males that were deemed too sexually incompetent, ugly, or downright stupid to be randomly placed into any of the other residence halls.

The previous winner of the Darwin award lives in Siegfried.
Guy 1: "Hey how'd you do on your art test"

Guy 2: "I didn't show up, but the class is full of Siegfried kids so I still got an A".

Girl 1 "Hey there's a party at Siegfried with 2000 beers"

Girl 2 "I would have to drink all of them myself to even talk to one of those ogres"

Girl 1 "I'm gonna go kill myself for even thinking about it"

by ilovenoodles January 20, 2009
A person who actively seeks to catch STI's just so that they can brag about it at parties and to friends.
Girl 1: Stew was telling everyone about the clamydia he'd caught last summer
Girl 2: What, is he an STI lover or something?
Girl 1 (sighs) Yeah....
by Ilovenoodles June 13, 2014
Anger Munchies

Huge levels of munch orientated hunger directly following a moment of extreme anger or aggression.

Friend 1: I was shouting at David Cameron just now and straight after I just had to have a large pizza

Friend 2:Did you have anger munchies?

Friend 1: Totally!
by Ilovenoodles June 10, 2014

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