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Such a bright light to the world. He was an inspiring person to everyone. He played Finn on Glee. He is 6'3, and he calls other people small woodland creatures. Cory was dating Lea Michele, and Cory was going to move in with her after he finishes a job in Vancouver, but sadly passed away July 13. My heart breaked, as did millions of others. I had met him, and he had saved my life. He was so down-to-earth and did not care about his work as much as helping me and telling me how beautiful and smart I am. He was a genuine, kind, handsome, all-round perfect guy who did not deserve to die. Cory Monteith was a rare celebrity to find, not acting all fake around cameras, and told me to be myself. Thank you Cory for changing my life.
Why is she so perfect
Probs Cory Monteith's daughter
by ilovegleee September 21, 2013
Very talented dancer, actor, and singer. He plays Mike Chang on Glee. Such a bright light on thee TV show! Gitta love hiim <3
Whose that talented guy?

Oh, thats another Harry Shum
by ilovegleee September 21, 2013
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