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4 definitions by ilovebritneyspears

guys are incredibly gorgeous there.
girl: omg that prep guy is hot
girl 2: no! that one from gonzaga is hotter
girl: omg you're right
by ilovebritneyspears March 29, 2005
A spaz of the fingers most often used on AIM. Denotes a strong feeling of anger, passion, or frustration.
cutechick121: omg i am soooo frustrated
cuterchick121: im sorry for you
cutechick121: skdfjlsjd
by ilovebritneyspears March 25, 2005
The richest school located in the richest town bethesda in the third richest county MoCo in the country. The guys and girls maintain a 4.7 GPA, are members of every sports and academic team the can, and are all gorgeous. Most well end up at Ivy League schools and will become lawyers doctors or politicians. Everywhere you turn you will see boys in Madras shorts, girls with Longshamp totes, and teachers in Louis Vuitton suits. Landon guys want the girls, and the girls want the Landon guys. This makes the Whitman male population very jealous and often leads to fights.
Landon Guy: Whoaaa that whitman girl is gorgeous!
Whitman Guy: WHAT'D YOU JUST SAY??!
Landon Guy: ummm
...the pummel each other with their Lacrosse sticks.
by ilovebritneyspears March 25, 2005
A popular hangout for rich bethesda kids in the heart of the city. Before 8 there are private school boys and girls who think they're ghetto, after 8 the crowd gets HOTT. Lots of times you will spot druggies there...but not to worry, the MoCo PoPo is watching!
Guy 1: Hey do you wanna go to UA?
Guy 2: Yeah what movie do you wanna see?
Guy 3: idiot! why would we go to UA to see a movie?
by ilovebritneyspears March 30, 2005