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People on the Fan Clubs section of the Neopets NeoBoards who are well-known. The majority of them have no life whatsoever.

Pic: An emotionally distressed 14 year old girl from Missouri. Growing up in a Christian cult, she's only known 23 people in her life. She frequents Neopets, where she threatens people and tries to convince everyone that she has some kind of authority.

Sara: A young oregonian with flowing hair and sparkling eyes. She is a fan of the "*carrot*" and "*yarr*" smileys, David Hasselhoff, and the word 'poop'.

Laur: A Canadian known for her extreme pretentiousness and overuse of the tilde. she takes her "trolling" very seriously and still doesn't know that someone was pretending to be her a couple months ago.

Jessickness: A 17 year old girl who pretends to be emo. She was once married to Gerard Way, but they split up. Now she is with Kevin Jonas or something. Jess is also a fan of "TWILITE".

Victoria_Pennstate: That annoying little gnat that buzzes around your head.

Mae: An idiotic kid who follows equally moronic users around while making up lame sexual jokes.

6feetunderthestars: A girl who gives All Time Low a bad name; yet another Neopets troll who pretends to be emo. Makes you wonder when any of these trolls will come up with something new.

The Markinator: A college student who spends his spare time typing one-post replies to topics such as "who likes the jonas brothers!!" that generally piss people off.

Teddy: Perhaps the most infamous FCer ever, though it's been years since he's been on; Teddy is your worst nightmare. Chuck Norris cowers at the very mention of Teddy's name.

Irrationalfears/pixotheaquadot: A 13 year old girl who finds some way to make every conversation she participates in Indiana Jones related.

Sunao: The chillest person around. Has dedicated his life to spreading the truth about dolphins to the general public. Has an extremely high voice and making fun of it makes you totally cool and original.

Yadzia: She's 12.
Kid with default avatar and size 1 font: I hate the FC celebrities. What's with the big, bright fonts?
FC Celebrity: We're just cooler than you that's all. :)
Kid with default avatar and size 1 font: Yeah right you NERD. *Goes to watch anime*
Emo_soccer_freak: hey can sum1 give me a faerie paintbrush plz!??!??/11!
by iloveFLOWERS34783527527 August 19, 2009
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