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A girl that tends to act like a bitch or whore

Usually appears to have:
-brown hair
-awkward teeth
-bushy eyebrows

They also tend to THINK they appear "better" then most people so they are usually dangerous to others.
Untalented in music such as signing and playing instruments.
The word "i love you" will give a guy instant access to blowjobs from her.
Has poor hygiene and does not wear underwear.
Usually does stupid things and is the most talked about person in a negative way.
Will spread rumors to try and make her self look better or have people feel bad for her.
person 1: "did you hear what happened today?"

person 2: "no what happened?"

person 1: "Its another Kylie thing"

person 2: "typical"
by ilove<3 August 06, 2011

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