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A Priscilla is very rare like her name. She is a creative person who is very spontanous. She dosn't do what you expect which makes you love her even more. She is very beautifull, sexy, aggrssive, and a whole lot of fun. She brightens up the whole room when she enters. She is not afraid of anything and anyone and can be somewhat frietning.Can be sweet but never get on her badside it is a dark and scary place. She is a slim brunett with tall muscler legs. She is like a lion tamer who will tame and rock your world but it is hard to get to. Snince she tends to gaurds her emotions and is not conidered to be a love sick puppy like most gils. But if you stay loyal, constantly compliment, and if you hapen to acually overpower her she will be yours for a life time!
1.Who said the blunt statement, I like lolipops? Oh it was a priscilla.
2.Priscilla kind of scares me but I like that alot.
3. I am a Priscilla!(really I am)
4. I never met anyone like a Priscilla.
by ilostmymarbles February 20, 2009

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