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4 definitions by ilona

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. It allows creation of a non-elected national government. Think about that.
FEMA is our government.
by ilona January 22, 2006
84 60
any devoted fan of the popular metal band System of a Down
My fellow systemite friend got us all front row tickets to a System of a Down concert.
by Ilona October 21, 2004
3 3
As in to relax and "chill". Verb.
Ilona likes to chillax with her friends and laugh at Zima who is not chillaxin.
by Ilona May 23, 2004
4 11
a blonde girl who is intelligent yet slow. not to be confused with "a-loner", she has many friends who enjoy making fun of her many hobbies and boys.
look at that ilona; she's never alone because people are always thinking she is so blonde.
by ilona April 04, 2004
37 72