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bat man, as a fatty. offten misstaken as an over weight middle aged man. also see ramen.
da na na na na…FAT MAN!

quick, ramen! to the fat mobil!
by illyria May 31, 2007
1. moldovan song by the pop/dance band 'o-zone', most famous for there song 'dragostea din tea' and 'despre tine'. the band members are dan balan, arsenie todiras, and radu sârbu. the band lasted form 1999-2005. DAMN IT SHOULDA BEEN LONGER!

2.'only you' in romanian.
'numai tu, iubirea mea.' 'only you, my love'
plz correct me if i am wrong! i dont speak romanian.
by illyria May 31, 2007
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