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2 definitions by illykay352

a term, much like "bitchassness," used to describe individuals or acts that are shady, back-stabbing and/or dishonest; can also be used to describe acts of questionable fidelity, such as 'creepin'' with your friend's girl
"Did you see Darius chillin' wit Chinika the other day?"
"Yeah, bruh, that's fucked up. Chinika is Darrell's girl."
"See, bruh, that's the kinda fuckassery I can't stand!"
by illykay352 September 30, 2009
A driven group of individuals that are so ambitious that one may think of them as a fool.

A "Foolie" is one who has outlandish dreams, one who is willing to take unusual risks and one who goes the extra mile for that which may seem to be unattainable.
Alexander the Great was a foolie for chasing his outrageous goals.

Those young men are foolies for trying to become famous.
by IllyKay352 May 23, 2012