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10 definitions by illy

Leroy (Nicky) Barnes. The only black mafia man to be famous. This man was the definition of untouchable.

Yo, this guy is a Street legend, and listen close to rap music, cus he's a god for rappers.. Nicky Barnes and Tony Montana(although not a real person) are the 2 most talked about gangsters in rap
"Remeber Nicky barns and the 70's, ye he took out a long list of high-profile celebrities"
"Yo this thugsta is tryin to be nicky barnes.. but he's some niggy barns aha"
by Illy September 03, 2004
to not take something the wrong way or think its wrong... not ot twist wut someone has told you.. one love
dont get this twisted dogg, but nikki, she's my bitch, so you best back off.
by Illy September 03, 2004
A New York Ghetto.. but usually talking about Queensbridge. Lots of crime on the 40-side
"40-side is the place that i rest, where u can be walking without a bullproof vest"
by Illy September 03, 2004
Drinking one type of drink, instead of a cocktail or a mix of two types of drinks.
1: Wut ya drankin'?
2: Tequila
1: Tequila Sunrise?
2: Naa, I Sip Clean
by Illy August 31, 2004
A form of PCP that can be sprinkled on a cigar (blunt) or a joint. Also can mean weed, or sometimes crack on a blunt. (Illy is for smoking)
I was in St.Jamestown (Toronto) and i was wit ma bois.. we was all chillin smokin wen this guy was all like
'ayoo wut tha dilly, sprinkly the illy on the philly'
by Illy September 03, 2004
any hot shit coming from up north (CANADA)... comes from the word northern exposure
"YO man this weed is some northern x shit, cant find this in QUEENS"
by Illy September 03, 2004
Herb, Ice, and Bullet
All that defines a hardcore thug
"Naah playa, i got H.I.B
by Illy September 03, 2004