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A "Bad Idea" is when someone puts a light bulb up your anus, then breaks it by kicking you in the ass.
-"Hey man, why you in a wheelchair?"
-"Last night I had a "Bad Idea"
by illestrader November 14, 2007
An amazon bush fire is when you're having sex with a chick (The "raised missionary" or "deep dish" postions works best for this technique), right when you're about to cum, whip out a lighter and set her pubes ablaze! It'll then be up to you to extinguish the flames with your man foam before the poor girl gets 3rd degree burns.
"I think I was a little too late putting out that amazon bush fire, now it looks like she has a "darkman'gina"
by illestrader November 16, 2007
A Darkman'gina is when the area that used to grow pubic hair around either male or famle genatalia has been scarred from serious burns. Thus resembling the skin of "Darkman".
"So I took her pants off and was face to face with a steaming pile of darkman'gina, I guess she had an amazon bush fire gone bad"
by illestrader November 16, 2007
When and injury or fatigue prevents you from performing a regular workout at the gym.
"I can't go to the Gym tonight 'cause a pulled muscle has given me serious Gympotence!"
by illestrader July 03, 2015
This is the lead up steps before the act of "Cock Blocking" or being "Cock Blocked". Cock Knocking is the period of time when 2 or more bachelors are actively competing for the affections of their desired female.
"Yo Joe, When we go to the club make sure to call your shots so we're not knocking cocks all night"
by illestrader December 22, 2014
When a ladies pubic hair becomes unbearably overgrown, thus resembling the amazon (or any dense forest/jungle region)
"Baby if you plan on staying for dinner and some good loving tonight you need to do 2 things to prepare for both. #1: take whatever you want to eat out of the freezer to defrost. #2: Perform some deforestation on that Vaginamazon you seem to have developed"
by illestrader November 18, 2014
Phoenix Brickin' is much like the traditional chicken bricking except at the point right before you would normally swing your bricks, you wip out a lighter and and blase her up. Maybe enjoy a few seconds of euphoria as the "Phoenix rises from the ashes" then brick the chick and close the deal.
WARNING: Remember kids "brick & drop!" if you leave that flaming chicken in your lap too long, you may risk ending up with a Darkman'gina.
"You got the extinguisher? Alright, lets go Phoenix Brickin'"
by illestrader February 11, 2008
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