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Scenesters, are participants in a giant contest on the Internets to see who can sport the most ridiculous hair,listen to the most obscure, artfully tasteless music, and get away with not being called emo.
Scene and emo both share some common elements of fashion, hair, and homosexuality. Calling a scenester an emo will result in anger.
The main difference between emos and scenesters is scenesters are less depressed and whiny and a lot more retarded and obnoxious.
Unlike emos, who are stuck up because they are faking depression, scene kids are stuck up for the sake of... being stuck up.
One of the greatest enigmas of scene culture is that they hate being labeled "scene", even though they're trying to be scene, which is in fact a MIND FUCK.
"Are you scene, or emo?

"Dude, shut the fuck up! I'm unique damnit!"

"...Then why do all of your friends dress exactly like you?"
by ill3r September 05, 2009

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