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The Best football team in Italy. Although they had a so-so year they can still tie Milan. Lets talk about the top scorer, Vicenzo Montella molto benne. Totti, Chivu, Mexes, Vallas, Mancini, De Rossi, Perroti, and soon to be Emre. Vaffanculo, Juve, Meelan, Lazio, Inter. Serie A champions in 2005/2006.
(Young Boy) who is AS Roma
(the pope) only the best football team thsi world has ever seen in 30 years
by ill will March 28, 2005
sumtin u dip weed in to get higher
nigga i gonna dip dis weed in dem balboun fluids
by ill will February 15, 2005
sumtin you dip weed in to get higher
nigga i gonna dip dis joint in dem balboun fluids
by ill will February 15, 2005
fucking redneck krackers that came from small towns racing in the biggest cars they have ever seen in there life.
Instead of going to the KKK riot I am goin to fuck my sister and go to a NASCAR race and get drunk and piss on a car.

p.s. Fuck all redneck crakers
by ill will February 16, 2005
Originating in Oaktown, Cali, The best Original AFL team that went to the second superbowl. The ninerz sucked back then by the way. The biggest supported team in the U.S. There are fanclubs from Maine to Mexico. Jim Otto, one of the best players in history, led the team through the 60's and 70's. They won superbowl 11, 15 and 18. In 1995 I went to my first game and i have missed two home games in 10 years. The funny thing is is that those gay 49ers fans from across da bay talk shit about how they are better then oakland, but they can't prove shit. Lets think retards, whats better, 2-14(49ers) or 5-11(raiders). They both may not be very good but what is more 2 or 5. The raiders are the most hated team by the officials and by ever pussy fan thats either from San Diego, Denver, Kansas City, San Fran, New York or New England. The Niners fans in the eastbay think they are all strong and shit but they cant come up to me and say that Raiders suck cuz I am from the city of scrapings and the murder capital of the U.S. i would call somebody up and get that foo scraped. Well, Go Raiders, Fuck All haters.
(49ers fan) would You like some wine and cheese honoring my gay marriage and the 49ers loosing, I'm Richard Simmons
(raiders fan) shut up u little fruity bitch, pow pow pow, ya dead, whos the king now, RRR, RRR, it aint a game I eat cottage cheese for dinna, with salt and pepper.
(Chargers fan) we are better than u one year and I think we are better than you sorry oh migthy kings of the west.
by ill will March 28, 2005

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