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the act of selling drugs
yo the de-teck be all up on me when i be pumpin rock
by ill k August 20, 2003
buff means to steal. But thats only up in the bean(boston) i guess
Yo i buffed a serio from that car i broke into. shit was off the charts
by ill k August 20, 2003
yall dont even know. o.c. stands for old colony project, south boston yea heard. dont even go there. Cause o.c. be illen
Mad heroine bein pumped up outa o.c., so watch out for the fiends.
by ill k August 20, 2003
that real shit. its that new shit rep that shit hrd.
west broadway village bitches, u know
Yo you get that mad heroin bone up in the B.V.
by ill k October 09, 2003
a vine is a suit does anybody fuckin listen to big L damn!!!!!!
see that cats vine. shit be hot!
by ill k August 20, 2003

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