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A message to the 10th chamber: You are a fucking retard.
Rza is the abbott. Abbott means leader.and Rza was the founding member of wu tang. You dickhead.
by ill jesus March 31, 2005
No one on the planet has a right to disrespect this nation's military since modern military tactics were formed from those of this nation which controlled all of europe, north africa, and part of asia at its peak and dominated every army it encountered until christianity ruined it.
Italian soldiers are not cowards but they don't fight wars that don't concern them, so when bastard nothern italians make them invade pissant countries like ethiopia and albania they just go back home were the should be.
by ill jesus April 02, 2005
Hiem is term to be shouted during the par-taken of or in the past-tense description of a particular event or activity; vocalizes extreme enthusiasm, pleasure, or contentment. When used in the present tense it replaces the word "I" as the subject.
1. "Hiem beasting!"

2. The entire Packers game was a bofence-(ive) struggle. It was totally hiem!
by ill jesus March 31, 2005
Laddle-sprechen is the complex and beautiful language that is designed around laddle.
Gad'up badabada pahgooool
by ill jesus March 30, 2005
A fobbit is essentially a fabulous hobbit.In other words a hobbit that is so laddleit can only be acurately described as a fobbit.
Crouching fobbit; hidden weinus is a powerful and deadly kung-fu style.
by ill jesus March 30, 2005
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