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The piece of "technology" on which I am currently typing. Referred to in the business world as the "hp pavilion mx75"
"I HATE this piece of SHIT!"
by ilikefood May 31, 2005
A particularly terrible film centered around an unnattractive bunch of D-list prepubescent female celebrities. Lured people such as myself by offering "FREE I-ZONE CAMERAS FOR THOSE WHO SHOW UP IN THEIR PJS!" Cocksuckers.
"I wasted 8 dollars on that piece of shit AND I wore my fucking pajamas in public. I didn't even get a camera."
"Surprise... you're an idiot."
by ilikefood May 30, 2005
A sterile, black and white impersonal galactic war story centered around Anakin Skywalker and his family. Caters to lifeless dorks with bad vision. Involves lightsabers and men in cloaks with rat tails.
"I have no idea why I've spent 20 years of my life following the story of a beeping trashcan and a homosexual, gold-plated Jeeves."
by ilikefood May 30, 2005

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