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1 definition by ilcapo93

Location in nothern Norway.

Also known as Tourist land because of the awesomeness that can be found in this particulate place.

Population awesomeness is estimated somewhat between "super awesome" and "oh my god it's so awesome that I don't deserve to breathe the air existing in this place!".

Famous places to visit are:
- The Fjellheisen, a simple cablecar that will bring you up to the sky.

- The Ishavskatedralen, a famous church located by the 1km long bridge that leads into the city center.

- The Tromsø Hells Angels HQ, a very famous bar located below the Ishavskatedralen. Tourists are always welcome here.

a: Mah Gad, this is totaly awesome!
b: Of course, it's Tromsdalen!

a: AHH! What is this dump shit hole?!

b: Don't worry, we're soon in Tromsdalen. We'll be out of Kroken in no time!
by ilcapo93 April 29, 2011