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can be used as meaning of overdosage, usually with drugs. now though in many urban areas "od" is now a term used when someone does something accessivly.
such as if someone is to work out alot, people would say that person od's. or if there was a huge argument between a couple and the girl crys, they would say wow that dude od'd on her
1.jack od'd on meth last night

2. yo clemente why you got to od on jason wit the fat jokes
by il capo August 09, 2005
reggeaton is spanish reggea. the beats come from typical hispanic instruments (and techno like), all lyrics for the most part are in spnish (except for rare times of little words in english). reggeaton is also considered very sexual, the lyircs tend to be provocative and dirty.
yo you hear the new reggeaton song by zion y lennox?
by il capo August 09, 2005
literal translation in italian "the boss of bosses"

there is no longer a capo di tutti capi, but before the mafia's downfall, the man with the title il capo di tutti capi was the man that headed the "five familes". it is said the only true capo di tutti capi was Carlo Gambino
Carlo gambino owned everything at one point. he wus truly a capo di tutti capi
by il capo August 09, 2005
The Don, The Godfather. The Italian word for the leader of a mob family, or just a mafia boss.

Usually a pretty badass guy.
Any mob boss, really. Il Capofamiglia means "The Don".
by il Capo May 28, 2012
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