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Lead free components and solder on electronics.
Diane - "Julie check out my new RoHS compliant dildo."
Julie - "Wow you can give oral to it and not worry about lead poisoning"
#rohs #lead #free #sweeteva #pcb #gadget #electronic #electric #hack #solder
by ikka April 14, 2008
A genre of rock music that emerged in 2008 and became widely popular with satellite radio listeners.

"Tomrock" is essentially an umbrella term for pop rock music that has emerged that involves melodic guitars and whiny singers who occasionally give a scream and generally sound like something a 13 year old girl might listen to as she goes through her "i'm an individual" stage.
Turn off that Tomrock before my head explodes.
#rock #alternative #weak #whine #teen #girl
by ikka March 30, 2010
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