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the funniest bitch on the internet. shes hilarious and has two dogs kermit and mr. marbles! Jenna has amazayn hair and i am really jealous of how pretty she is. look up landshark by jennamarbles on youtube and u will die in laughter! shes fabulouis and is a fan of boston sports teams such as the pats, celts, and bruins! they are wicked awesome!!!!!! but seriously look up jenna marbles on youtube
*le landshark

Jenna Marbles: Sometimes when your really awkward, you do awkward things. so i'm gonna tell you what ive been doing lately. Ive been TURNING EVERYTHING INTO A LANDSHARK!.....

....apple: landshark, hamster: landshark, christian bale is a landshark! the guy from aincient aliens, is a landshark! this is a sandshark, now its a landshark! the eiffel tower is a landmark, now its a landshark!......
by ikindasortalikeyou February 15, 2013

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