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This pharse is used to designate when the main protagonist of an anime, movie, manga, etc will die at the climax or conclusion of the story.
Fanboy1:Hey did you see cowboy bebop?
Fanboy2: Yea.
Fanboy1: Is it any good?
Fanboy2: Spike Dies.
Fanboy1: ... Fuck you man.
by Ikillmyfriends January 26, 2006
Armcocks are arm warmers worn by pretentious teenage girls who think they are so goff/metal/brutal/etc.
Did you see that girl wearing armcocks, she must think she's some kind of gypsy or something.
by ikillmyfriends August 26, 2007
God's Gift to Women. An Anti hero come to save the world through the internet.
Ikillmyfriends posts on SA so he must be cool.
by Ikillmyfriends March 13, 2005
To be bisexual in the 90's to 2010 range and maybe beyond. Word orginates use from various teenagers in Bayonne, NJ.
Guy1: Yea, shes just came out yesterday, she says she bi.
Girl1: Great so shes trendy.
by Ikillmyfriends October 23, 2003

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