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Excess flux from a weld, usu. projecting in such a manner as to impede fit. Removed by grinding, filing, or the use of a slag hammer.
That guy shouldn't have access to an arc welder! He has an inch of slag for every damned joint!
by Ike January 26, 2005
Typically Identifiable by some snazzy birkenstocks, a pair of old man pants and an obsession w/ the color pank, A Thundercles McButterpants is typically a tall, gangly, rather unkempt individual with a nasty case of bed head.
Geez, If that Nate Long kid had some old man pants, he'd be a perfect Thundercles McButterpants
by Ike February 23, 2004
noun; a penis of size dangling about wildly from it's owner's groin.

see also SPEARATE
in a locker room, while changing with other guys: "dude, put that rogue spear away before it spearates someone"
by ike August 17, 2003
Acronym for: Intense Kinetic Eroticism. The ability to turn a girl out without the use of touch.
she was ike'd instantaneously.
by ike March 04, 2005
the act of sticking your wanger inside someones buttwhole whether it is a girl or guy and letting out a substance called buttcheese inside their anal whole.
Ike became very tickelish and started to giggle as paul began to stick his penis inside Ike's anal whole. When paul called for buttsex, Ike replied YES PLEASE!Hopefully it's better than what my parents said how it felt...
by Ike February 20, 2005
Contraction of moron.
Keith is such a morn.
by Ike February 19, 2004
something that used to show enthusiasn but now is used by old preachers trying to be, "In"
Mardi Gras? Rock on!!
by ike November 15, 2003

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