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A male get together where cum is spilled repeatedly by each individual as a result of the masturbation appeal of a shown porno flick.
Paul invited his friends over for a jizz fest because of the illegal channels that his tv possesed
by Ike February 16, 2005
Americans with Disabilities Act.
The city cut ramps into the sidewalks to fulfill ADA requirements.
by Ike December 05, 2003
When one is eatin' a meatza as well as takin' NBA to da streetz, he embarasses and shames his opponent for life by bouncin' the ball off his head and proceeding to take it to da house.
OFF DA HEEZAY! T-mac owns your soul.
by IKE February 04, 2004
(noun, USA/SAE Standard) A bolt having a round head with a square, ribbed, or fluted boss underneath it. The function of the boss being to bite into timber to prevent the bolt turning while the nut is being tightened.

This term is often, and wrongly, considered interchangeable with "coach bolt", which is UK/Australian slang for a lag bolt. This may seem a trivial inconsistency to the layman, but is a mixup which has cost innumerable companies lots of money and confused a huge number of people.
One may perform a quick test to determine whether an item is a carriage bolt or lag bolt/lag screw: Is it driven (tightened) by its head or can only nuts be driven up it? If the former, it's a carriage bolt, if the latter, it's <i>probably</i> a lag bolt.

Origin: Old French <i>cariage</i>, from <i>carier</i> &#8216;carry&#8217;; bolt (unchanged), Old English. There is no reliable information as to whether the carriage bolt got its descriptor through the manufacture of carriages/coaches or whether 'carriage' refers to the fact that such a bolt is a load-bearing item.
Goddamn, I hate these translated instruction manuals. This thing just tried to tell me to use a screwdriver to tighten a carriage bolt!
by Ike January 26, 2005
a method of smoking a joint in which every member of the circle takes three serrupticiously and holds them all,passes, and then two,passes, and then one,passes, and lets out once the new round has started.
"that 3 2 1 was heeaaavy!"
by ike December 03, 2003
Using vaseline to pleasure oneself. Sounds better then it works.
Gregory made a trip to Stop & Shop to stock up on some vaseline, as he planned to spend most of february vacation giving himself sticky Bruce's.
by Ike February 16, 2005
A company has taken the word Pussy and used it as a catchy ad phrase for a energy drink named SumPoosie.

This can be found at www.sumpoosie.com
Hey you want SumPoosie?

It gives you more energy than RedBull.
by Ike November 16, 2004

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