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Wonderland. Eden. Serenity. Clean. Natural. Unruined. Green. Peaceful.
Dont visit we don't want you.
Dont visit we don't want you.
by ike December 30, 2003
the retarded form of song that offers no originality and is the result of corporation - backed, "singers," and writers. basically highly non - political\religious\profane because the people that make it have no balls
man MTV's becoming a pop music - promoting piece if junk
by ike November 15, 2003
the act of sticking your wanger inside someones buttwhole whether it is a girl or guy and letting out a substance called buttcheese inside their anal whole.
Ike became very tickelish and started to giggle as paul began to stick his penis inside Ike's anal whole. When paul called for buttsex, Ike replied YES PLEASE!Hopefully it's better than what my parents said how it felt...
by Ike February 20, 2005
Common slang for "state trooper" used in the New England area, especially Massachusetts.
I was pulled over on the highway by a statie for going 130 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in my Lamborghini.
by ike August 15, 2004
V 1. The act of having your living space invaded by an acquaintence that you usually try to avoid resulting in a loss of 50% or more of your bulk storage of food stuffs.
Fuck! Who ate all the easy mac? I GOT GABE'D!
by Ike November 30, 2004
Slang for "I don't know"
Steve: "How's this look?"
Jerry: "Iono. Okay, I guess."
by IKe February 07, 2004
a music festival with the best new talent in rock and metal
i am goin to lollapalooza to get shitfaced and rock my ass off!
by ike September 28, 2003
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