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2 definitions by ijustwanttosubmitaword

The military academy for the United States Army. Exceptionally difficult to get into, requiring both physical and mental excellence, recommendations from teachers and your congressman, ability to learn and execute anything ordered.

Everyone wishes they could get into the school, but very few would actually be able to thrive and survive it's atmosphere.

They have very strict guidelines that must be adhered to because of training, discipline, and priority. Engineering, mathematics, science, military science, and military history are just some of the mandatory classes, included with mandatory physical classes such as boxing.
Guy 1- Why the hell would you want to go to West Point, that place is for tools.

Cadet- Because I feel the duty to my country to lead soldier that will be protecting your sorry-ass as it sits on the couch in your mother's basement.


Chris (Marine)- Good luck, Kyle! See you on the battlefield.

Kyle (Cadet)- See yah, Chris!
by ijustwanttosubmitaword August 22, 2010
v.: to hide things that one may not want a boyfriend to see, such as; letters from ex-boyfriends, pictures of you with old boyfriends, trinkets gathered from dates with ex-boyfriends, that picture of you before you felt confident with your body, anything that has to do with an ex-boyfriend or a male friend.
Vicky: Hey do you still have that picture of you, Jimmy, my date and I from when we went on that group date?
Heather: Oh yeah, its in a 7th shoe box from the right in my closet, I just boyfriend-proofed my room because Sam is coming over tonight.
by ijustwanttosubmitaword May 19, 2010