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1. Mystical convention signifying white dominance despite inadequacy

2. The unquestioned ability of the handsome white male to do anything he wants.
John, with not an original thought in his head, won his debate. It was nothing short of wasp magic.

by iiexistential May 13, 2006
1. Literally shit indie; refers to music so vile that the offending party cannot even get signed by their friend's label and thus assumes that it is independent or indie

2. Nobody music that nobody cares about.
I'm sick of these shindie acoustic bitches whining because emo doesn't sell.

He thinks a long list of obscure shindie bands can cover up his rancid taste in music.
by iiexistential June 03, 2006
1. Like it's imagery, plastic bouquets is a declaration of love that is cheap and somewhat insincere.

2. Plastic bouquets are acts of love that are cheap or easy and thus do not have the meaning they are intended.
Showing up at her doorstep in the middle of the night was sweet but she couldn't help feeling as if it was all plastic bouquets.

Despite his sincere and desperate love, his actions all seemed like a plastic bouquet and he was left brokenhearted.
by iiexistential June 03, 2006
I can't fucking see them! I'm covered in bumps and there's nothing there!
Brian got fucked up by secret mosquitos last night. I fear they'll be back for more tonight.
by iiexistential June 20, 2006

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