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The phrase "tisk tisk" is sometimes used when someone does something bad, frowned upon, or just plain stupid.
" tisk tisk " said rebecca to stephanie when she forget to do her homework.
by iheartyou October 29, 2005
Toxic Shock Syndrome- when a female leaves her tampon in too long. Doesn't happen every time you leave it in too long, but it's still not good. Tampon's should usually only be left in for 6-8 hours. Over night is also not the best thing. TSS is a harmful disease, and can cause death but not often.
"Sarah has TSS because she left her tampon in too long. Idiot."
by iheartyou October 29, 2005
A blood sponge is another word used for tampon.
A female product used to absorbe blood and such
when a female has her period.
"It was her time of the month, so she used a blood sponge."
by iheartyou October 29, 2005
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