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1 definition by iheartspongebob

someone who, despite the numerous spiteful and angry definitions on this website, believes in little government control of economics, tax breaks for all American citizens, a highly strong military, and the power of the individual. Republicans are individualists that are not to be confused with bible-thumping radicals that have, in recent years, taken over what was once a pure and successful party (minus the infamous Richard Nixon).
Person 1: Are you a Republican?
Person 2: Do you mean "am I someone who confuses politics with ethics" or "am I an American citizen with a conservative outlook on most issues?"
Person 1: the second.
Person 2: yes.
Person 1: wow, it's great to know that other people have different opinions than me because I respect other beliefs and realize that our country was founded on political/religious freedom.
Person 2: God/Allah/Yahweh/Science bless America.

The REAL Republican party will rise again, and bring with it the downfall of ignorant religious leaders that have no place in politics.
by iheartspongebob May 30, 2011