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Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers.


The most epic rapper ever, hott and handsome, and a star who actually bares the truth.

Eminem is an amazing rapper, the one with the most amazing videos and the most amazing lyrics; I can't help but use hyperboles for such a talented man.

Since he got the world rocking to the beat of "My name is-?" more than a decade ago, he's been moving it with many more hip-hop songs that've left his fans in awe.

He often criticises other celebrities, as is obvious in 'Without me' (Moby) and 'We made you' (Sarah Palin, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian and many more).

Many consider his lyrics to be offensive, but it actually depends on the way you want to look at them. He clearly has a passion for rhyme, which makes his songs what they are.

As a person, we may never know him. As a celebrity, he is known to be straightforward, uses profanities quite a bit, is strong of character and has a high level of se;f-confidence and determination. He took a break from his carreer in 2006 for three years, because of rehab. But Slim Shady's back. The rap scene does feel empty without him.
It needs a little controversy, it (the world) feels so empty without me.

"Don't do drugs, don't have unprotected s#x, don't be violent. Leave it to me to do all that"

by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf August 08, 2010
Imagine a country surrounded by BOTH landmasses AND water bodies, a terrain range of plateaus, mountains, valleys, beaches, cliffs, fertile plains and rapidly blossoming cityscapes. A country from where any of its 365/366 sunsets in a year are lens-worthy.with an inexpensive currency exchange rate. Imagine an ethnic diversity spread over 28 states and 7 union territories.

A country which does not just tolerate race and religion, but accounts for it. A country with the richest heritage and longest history. The most beautiful people.
A country with the most striking, imaginary, impossibly amazing art and architecture.

-POOF- Dream come true. There wasn't any need to imagine it,

India existed long before.


I am Indian, and I am not afraid/ashamed to say so. Now, why would I be, considering my country is like, the most awesomest country in the whole wide world...?


Synonym for awesome
Blue passports totally rock.
I have a blue passport


"I bet that Pakistani hater on youtube who supports Britain would get totally owned if I told him/her that if not for the British, he would be living in a way better country by now"


India is so India!!


India has the largest democracy in the world

by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
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