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high school teenager whose vast collection of boyfriends fall primarily under the category of jocks.

the supposedly hot girl every guy wants to date.

evil because she has a weakness for football players with tight abs and big arms and cares not for personality.


PS- Psychologically harmful to incompetent non-jock males.
Is unaware of her classmates.

Term invented by Miles, from Transformers.
Mikaela Banes from Transformers is an evil jock concubine.

She dates Trent when Sam is obviously the better dude.
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 26, 2010
A annoying blue whale that turns up on the homescreen when popular social networking site Twitter goes overcapacity.
It is depicted as being carried by a flock of blue birds (the Twitter "mascots") to show that the load taken by the microblogging site is to huge to be processed.

In my opinion, it's plain irritating.
If Twitter goes overcapacity again, Imma throw that damn #Failwhale into the oilspill
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf June 15, 2010
Name for a person who tries to insult the king of rap, Eminem by making a spoof of his own song. "Singer" who has a vocal attitude of ZERO.
Also used for a/an-

>celebrity stripper
>juvenile woman whose mental state grows in the opposite direction as that of her body
>person who owns only red lipstick
>anyone TRYING to sing, unsuccessfully
>person who thinks too much of her/himself
>youtube user with a name too long to fit into VEVO
>person who needs to be taught the meaning of 'music'
>insult to us girls.


-- NO, we are not giving you any more attention, Christina Aguilera; you've had enough and misused it.
Her rhymes are a bore, stupid kid trying to be hard core
Has a mushroom mouth.
She whines into the microphone, makes our ears bleed.
Delusional; apparently Eminem asked her out. EW.
Jerk uninterrupted.
Lucky 'cause she got more fame than she deserves;
Knows fame but not talent.


Gets on my nerves.
"Will the real Slim Shady, please -"

Eminem fan: "Stand up!?"
Christina Aguilera fan: "SHUT UP?!"

hey, that Christina Aguilera song is meaningless.

Is that Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera? Um, I don't know, they both sing equally awfully.
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 26, 2010
A platform game born in 1981, one of the first of it's type, by Japanese company Nintendo.

The unexpected side of Eminem.
Dude, I just saw Eminem's Donkey Kong score on twitpic! Woah that guy has an alter ego!
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
Attractive/appealing to members of the other gender
Matthew Morrison isn't gay, I'm a girl and I swear he's so heterosexually hot!!!
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf November 05, 2010
A website without which the vocabularies of teenagers would be much better off.. And polluted.
That dude checked out the meaning of 'Love' on UD!! WTH!

Her homepage is Urban dictionary. She thinks it's the new Google

Urban dictionary spams your inbox.
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
The most awesome digital camera in the world
Dude, you should have been there at our pool party!! We had a hell lotta fun taking pictures underwater with my new Sony Cybershot Tx5
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010

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