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a white teen who along with their crew try to copy the way of life of black teens. will listen to crappy skank cluber music and be obsessed with modding up crappy cars and dream of driving it when pissed. male townies will select a girl friend and walk with her whilst holdin her hand and also his teeny dick. some boys will be proud of wearing the playboy make and often tuck their trousers into it's socks, maround which is also a fake watch.
townie, the thing wrong with the world, not potheads or skaters or nerds, we all get along if any townies read this (which tey probably can't cos their so inbred) go die in a ditch and rot in hell.
1aarghhhh i hate f#####g townie scum
they should all be shot.

2hey dude wanna kill skallies and townie scum?
yes lets do that and then we go to www.urbandictionary.com and post the message that townies are dead!!
by ihatetownies December 08, 2004

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