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1. A hobo who tries despritely to hide his booze.
2. An insult or endearing term to call someone.
3. Rachel, Crikey, Steph, T, Kelsi, and Lindsay.
4. An alcoholic.
1. Look at that sneaky can man...I wish I could move into his box with him.
2. You are such a sneaky can man!
3. See above. They are hot.
4. You are such a sneaky can man, do you have booze hidden in your sock???
by ihatethoseskanks May 13, 2004
1. a couple of hoes that should just give up on their sad and pointless lives.
2. ones addicted to drugs, drinking, and sex. nasty, nasty sex.
3. ones who do not have minds of their own. and will sell out friends for no reason.
4. people suffering from venarial diseases
5. an insult if you are called these names
all you have to say is their names. that is enough. sad, and sadder.
by ihatethoseskanks May 13, 2004
a.a slut, and a slut. and a little sucks whore stoners.
2. slut bad whores who don't know the meaning of life.
w. jessi ho
s. poser, lying bitchy fat urly, bitchy bitch fat ugly bitch bitch girl.
4.slut whore ho bags.
3. dirty skum bag hoes
just look above stupid.
by ihatethoseskanks May 14, 2004
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