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Jackass that is a marketing arm of MLB who's only goal in life is to piss off every Phillies Fan in the World. See Also Joe Buck the asshole or Tim McCarver the strapper
When she found out I was from Philly, she went all TBS announcer on me and spit it on my sweater
#tbs #announcer #baseball #phillies #buck
by IHateNationalAnnouncers October 21, 2009
Fickle school girl type male psychotic disorder that causes an inhabitant of an area to dislike all the local teams. this is usually caused by rejection of full sex change operation procedures prolonging the ownership of the wrong genitals.
He liked the Devils , then the Bruins, then the Canadiens and now the Blackhawks, this guy is a Flyers Beltrante.
#betrante #bltrant #girly #loser #fickle
by ihatenationalannouncers May 31, 2010
The day in your organization that you can separate the biggest brown nose from the rest of the employee's. This person will almost automatically show up with a gift from themselves for the boss before anyone else, thus grasping that little bit o' shit that will complete the engulfment of the nose of the presiding ass kisser. This is usually a closely related ailment of a combination sexual/social disorder that prohibits the person from actively seeking a random ass to kiss while struggling with being stuck in the body of the wrong sexual gender.
Here he comes with a box of new knee pads for you-know-who...must be Boss' Day
#boss #day #boss' #bosses #ass #kisser
by ihatenationalannouncers October 15, 2010
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