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they're a pretty great indie band from the great state of NY. awesome tracks are: Hannah, generator 1st floor, and ghosting. to name just a few. very creative/quirky lyrics. everyone in the band sings and plays an instrument. extremely underrated & worth listening to.
man, have you heard of the album weathervanes by freelance whales? it's pretty rad.

when i listen to freelance whales it's like joy running around in my head.

Freelance Whales = just sweet.
by ihatemosquitoswhynoahwhy? July 24, 2010
the definition of hell. oakdale (the boardings school in ky) is probably the shittiest school in the world. unless your hardcore christian. a mix between an amish community and a juvenile delinquent center. lots of ghetto kids. annoying christians that like think your unholy if you touch someone of the opposite sex. lots of crazy shit happens there. corrupst what virtues you have before you go. education's similar to homeschooling. worst place ever.
oakdale = hell.
oh man, i got corrupted at oakdale.
oakdale is shit.
by ihatemosquitoswhynoahwhy? July 18, 2010

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