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To complain or protest in an annoying manner.

What one may constantly do while their significant other is overseas.

Probably being all sexy.

Probably getting hit on by everyone.

Probably doesn't remember their girlfriend back home.
You wont get anything if you keep whinging
#whinge #whinging #sook #misses #love
by ihatecrybabies May 21, 2009
The act of missing someone when they are overseas. You lose interest in all normal activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping, socialising and masturbating. The first week is the hardest then when the second week comes around you are completely numb to any feeling and sit by the phone waiting for your "misses" to contact you. This may happen if you are deeply in love with the person who has gone overseas.
I misses her so much
#misses #miss #overseas #love #sook
by ihatecrybabies May 21, 2009
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