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1 definition by ihatebunnies

n. Someone who considers themselves a "true fan" of a band and is very very touchy about it. They are convinced that they are the band's best fans and see everyone else as less enthusiastic, less devoted, less knowledgeable, etc. A band snob is prone to hating on new fans: calling them fake or whatever. They also have a tendency to stop liking the band once they become "mainstream." This happens a lot with semi-obscure bands that suddenly become popular.
Ashley: Omigod I LOVE All Time Low so much!!!! They're sooooo awesome!

Pat: Please. You only know what, one song? I liked them back when they first started. And I hate all their new stuff, their other CD was so much better.

Ashley: Don't be such a band snob.
by ihatebunnies November 11, 2009