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Tits that you notice, and which seem to greet you, long before the rest of their owner
Dude: You should ask Karen out, she's fun and has those hello tits
by iglesia1995 November 11, 2009
When you're holding a cat and they suddenly sprout claws from every limb, usually when they know what's coming and they don't like it
I went to take my cat inside and she went all octopus claws
by iglesia1995 May 16, 2008
The mistaken belief that that anyone can obtain wisdom or a thorough understanding of a complex topic with a Google search
Tom: Did you hear? Dick did his own tax this year - reckons he could look up everything on the net.

Harry: Typical Googleosophy!

Tom: Yeah, I know, he'll be audited for sure.
by iglesia1995 November 11, 2009
Slightly tubby thighs on an otherwise hot girl who spends her spare time drinking vodka instead of working out
Yeah, she's cute, but she has vodka thighs
by iglesia1995 May 16, 2009
A girl who is hot in every respect other than being 5'2" (157 cms) or less - unless you're also that size, in which case you'd probably propose or see if she wants to become a lesbian
Jim's dating a microgirl he met at the financial controllers' conference the other week
by iglesia1995 November 12, 2009
When you have to give up your seat on public transport to someone with a pram
I got a seat on the bus this morning, but I got prammed at the next stop
by iglesia1995 May 14, 2008
An Israeli, particularly one who supports sending helicopter gunships into Palestinian areas and thinks this isn't terrorism even when innocent civilians are killed
The gunshippers will never support a two-state solution
by iglesia1995 May 16, 2008

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