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the best plant ever. dont call it a drug its not its a plant. people say its a drug cause they wanna keep it illegal. i doesnt kill u and it doesnt make u kill other people so who gives a fuck. the only people who dont like it are the ones who have never tried it. the only thing i dont like about it are the prices its ridiculous where i am $10 a dime for the middie shz. but w/e it chills me out. once a person is high its the best time to talk to cause they're chilled enough to listen and unlike with alcohol will eventually remember what u said. also how often to u hear of car crashes with high drivers almost never because after smoke time comes chill time and after chill time its snack time ha bitch. no one likes driving high its too much work. chill out smoke a couple blunts its only illegal if u get caught. enjoy life and live while u can
stoner1: pass that shit man before u kill it
stoner2: damn that weed is good. chronic?
#high #ehh #weested #fucked #stoned #blazed
by ifeellikedying July 23, 2008
what most people who live in manassas call the crappy city. no one admits it but this place gets worse each year. at least parents do i luv it it gets easier to find illegal shit. the only thing that sucks is cops seem to care now so u cant get awy with shit u gotta go somewhere else if u wanna party hard
god i cant believe i'm stuck in manasshole tonight i need to go party
#manassas #city #hood #south #dc #hell
by ifeellikedying July 23, 2008
being to drunk and high to function
ending up on the floor and being able to only say ehh
that bitch is weested off her ass
#weasted #ehh #done #toasted #wasted
by ifeellikedying July 23, 2008
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