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Socom Dodgeball is an awesome style of playing SOCOM II for Playstation 2.

How to play:

1) First captain (MVP of previous game) either picks a player or side, Terrorists or SEALS. If the room has just been created, then people dont pick.

2) Second Captain (player with second highest score) picks a player.

3) Then First Captain picks, then Second Captain picks, until everyone has been chosen. Hence the name DODGEBALL.

4) There are certain restrictions. No; IW, M3, RPG/AT 4 HEAT, m203, m14, and simply no cheating (Code 9/Glitching).

Clans like Oma, HAM, and H.N.I.C. play this style of SOCOM II a lot.

Other styles of SOCOM II gameplay includes Paintball, Shotgun Duels, Dubz, M16 Under the Bridge, and Defend the Fort.
"Dodgeball is the greatest" - Dynamite dan (Creator)

"Dbag: Uhh, i get multi-v"
"Deadhead: uh, i get EagleEye"

"Socom Dodgeball sucks" - Some idiot that never played it.
by iel May 04, 2007
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