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1.A nickname used to describe a relaxed, cool, cocky, mocho, lazy, exciting guy.
2.A congrates for doing something cool, crazy, exciting, funny,or a crazy ass stunt.
3.A kind of mood your in, when your relaxed, cool, intoxicated, "high", good, excited, proud.

Even though seems it should be separated, its used as one word...(people are too lazy to use a space and thats the way we do it)
1. *LOL ur such a shizzlinman.
*Wow that was crazy shizzlinman!
2.Wow that was shizzlinman, really really shizzlinman.
3.A: how you doing man?
B:Im shizzlinman, majorly shizzlinman...
by iedvdnitsud November 18, 2005
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