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1 definition by iecbutterflygirl

myspace is just the cheap fuckers way of trying to meet that "special someone" for free.no this is NOT Match.com or EHarmony but it is free and the fruit cakes you WILL encounter on myspace are just as creepy,lonely and worthless as the rest of the morons in chat rooms and internet web sites matching losers with losers.damn i have met a better class of people at the damn bar.get a life myspace is for losers and little girls tryin to be dirty without their parents finding out.
The loser: damn dude i just met this hot chick on myspace.

Losers friend: really dude you can meet hot chicks for FREE!
someone forgot to let them in on the secret of the internet,NOBODY PUTS UP A REAL PICTURE YOU MORON!FINE CHICK=BIG BERTHA HA HA HA!
by iecbutterflygirl May 11, 2007