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A person, male or female; who sees any aspect of their personality or actions in their life as interesting topics. Often the drama whore will send out messages with absolutely no content except for something inflammatory or retaliatory directed at another person(s) they dislike.

Drama whore-ism is a self feeding condition. As more and more people are fed up with a constant barrage of useless shit they don't care anything about, the drama whore feels justified by the new attention of being told off. In some cases, the drama whores will band together into a circle jerk, telling each other they're all right and the other 6 billion people on earth are just jealous.
"I made this thread for everyone to insult me in one place."
"Actually it was person that started it all"
"Does anyone know person in place?"
"I think I've proven my point"
"I'm a job who drives a car brand and I hobby on the weekends and you're all just jealous."
-Drama Whore-isms
by ieatrocks July 23, 2006
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