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I went to job corps and went through all the shit that all the ghetto fucking kids wanted to pull. e.g. taking a shit in the toilet and not flushing. pissing in the fountain. smelling like shit all the time. starting shit with other people, because they are immature assholes. This is the typical bullshit that is done all the time. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. YOu know how ***I**** got through job corps? I fucking did what I suppose to do, I kept my shit clean, I went to class and completed *ALL* my training. I went to college for free and went on to a UNIVERSITY. ********************************The reason it is strict there, is because of dumb asshole children that get dropped off there because they aren't wanted at home. ********************************
You came there for a reason and that is to learn and to GROW the FUCK UP. NOBODY is FORCING you to stay there. The only reason YOU have to be there is because your GRANDMA won't want you home. Stop being a bitch and QQ and pulling the WTFBBQ on people telling you to PULL your fucking pants up and goto class.

I had plenty of FRIENDS that graduated with a RN, LVN, Automechanic, Electrician, Business owner. That went to Job Corps and succeeded. I loved Job Corps and if I had a second chance to do it again, I'd be in line on the spot.
by idzdeez May 12, 2011

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