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1. A certain breed of Metallica fan where they like ALL their stuff, including the Load era and St. Anger. If you are a Metallica fan and do not like either of these, then you are not a Metallicat. It comes from the inside cover of Garage Inc, where the band members are dressed up like an old '50s band and it says, "The Metallicats. Covering all your favorites."

2. Something the urbandictionary author MetallilbangeR will never be because he is always accusing Metallica of "selling out" in each definition regarding the band. A true Metallica fan will appreciate all of Metallica's albums. A typical definition of his includes the following: "its SAD BUT TRUE that they sold out. st. anger sucks balls."
1. person1: What is your favorite Metallica album?
person2: It's hard to decide, I like all of them. I guess you can call me a Metallicat.

2. author MetallilbangeR: omfg, MetallicA used to be soooo good, too bad they sold out. It's sad but true.

me: You're call yourself a Metallica fan? More like a MetallilposeR.

Metallicats Unite!
by iduncurr June 17, 2009
One who excessively uses hashtags their posts on Facebook and/or Twitter.
Hashfag: Going to the mall. #swag #lol #yolo #gonnabuystuff #hashtag #420 #imsocool

Normal person: Fucking hashfag...
by iduncurr June 18, 2013
A clan is a group of people, typically in online games like Halo and Call of Duty, where they play together and may either just play online together, or compete in tournaments.

Most clans consist of 12 year old kids who think it is cool to be in a clan. Clans were cool in 2005, not so much now.

It is probably at its worst in Halo Reach and Halo 4. The File Browser consists of thousands of screenshots where clan members ask you to join their lame clan. These clans also get into fights with each other over the File Browser. No one cares about your stupid clan, and no one cares about your stupid clan drama. Just shut up and go away.
Clan Guy 1: Dude my clan kicks your clan's ass!

Clan Guy 2: No, my clan is way better!

Clan Guy 1: That's it we're doing a clan battle! Right now!

Clan Guy 2: You're going down noob!

Clan Guy 1: No you are!

Gamer: Shut up, clans are for chumps.
by iduncurr February 25, 2013
Awards you get for fulfilling certain tasks in Xbox 360 games. They vary in score, usually more difficult achievements being higher score than less difficult ones. Most retail games have 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerpoints and arcade games have 10-12 achievements worth 200 gamerpoints, although there are exceptions (Halo 3, Gears of War 2, etc). All these achievements add up to your gamerscore, which has become something to brag about with many people.

There are also people who simply buy or rent games just for the gamerscore. They are known as achievement junkies or achievement whores. I, being a reformed achievement junkie, don't really see the point in getting games just for their gamerscore. You should get games because you like them, not for the achievements.
Person 1: "Bob has been in his house for three straight days, what's he doing in there?"

Person 2: "He just got a new Xbox 360 game and he has to get all the achievements for it. He's an achievement whore."

Person 1: "I see."
by iduncurr August 25, 2009
A Christmas Noob is a person who got an online game for Christmas, and plays it for the first time on Christmas break. The population of such games like Call of Duty and Halo usually spikes on Christmas due to the mass amount of Christmas Noobs getting the game as a present.
Gamer 1: Dude, tomorrow's Christmas! You know what that means!

Gamer 2: Fucking right! All those Christmas noobs will be playing. I can't wait to pwn me some Christmas noobs!

Gamer 1: You know it!
by iduncurr December 20, 2012
Takes place on October 31. As a kid, it was about wearing an awesome costume and going around your neighborhood receiving candy.

As a teen/adult, however, it is an excuse for girls to dress like sluts and to get drunk. Where did the Halloween spirit go?
Halloween used to be about candy and trick or treating. Now, it's about getting wasted and dressing like a whore.
by iduncurr October 23, 2011
In college football, it is any non-BCS bowl game that is played every year. BCS bowls include the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and National Championship. All the other bowl games fall under the category of the Who Cares Bowl.
"Hey, it's bowl season! Let's watch today's bowl game!"

"Is it it a BCS bowl?"

"No, it is the PapaJohns.com Bowl."

"Don't you mean it's the Who Cares Bowl? The only bowl games that matter are the BCS bowls."

"Yeah, what was I thinking?"

Who Cares Bowl
by iduncurr December 23, 2010

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