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(n., Slang) 1. Used as another way to describe Bud Light. 2. The people who drink copious amounts of Bud Light normally choose it over other beers not because of the taste but because everyone else is drinking it. 3. Used to describe beers drank by people: wearing ipods, listening to Dave Matthews, wearing lance armstrong bracelets, pink Red Sox hats, "popped collars", or doing Dave Chapelle's Rick James impression.
Anthony: Look at that jerkoff with the popped collar. He looks like a clown.

Pat: Yea man totally, no surprise that he is drinking a trend light.
by idufhishd July 25, 2006
(n./adj.) 1. The state of mind trendy kids take after drinking 8-12 Bud Lights and begin fighting everyone in sight. When they return to sobriety, they act as if nothing occurred and frequently use the excuse of "Sorry man, I was drunk when I did it"
Eric: Did you see Steve? He's has gotten into 3 vicious fights tonite!

Josh: Well, he's drank around 10 Fight Light's, so that behavior is expected
by idufhishd July 25, 2006
(n./adj.) 1. Used to describe lightweights who drink 6 Bud Lights, then act as if they are the world's toughest person. However when these people are sober, they are usually harmless.
Jon: Yo man, Anthony is acting really weird, he's throwing his weight around for no reason.

Pat: Yea man, he's had about 6 Tough Lights, that'll do it.
by idufhishd July 25, 2006

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