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The act of pouring olive oil down a funnel into your partner's ass, then having them shit on your chest
I had a really bad chest cold, so i had my girlfriend give me a Greek Mudslide. Wow, i feel so much better now.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
After ejaculating on your partner's face, throw a bowl of simmering curry onto their face, and then proceed to cock slap them.
My girlfriend was feeling very sad after her grandmother had just died, so i decided to cheer her up with a hindu thunderstorm.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
The act of shooting a copious amount of cum into a condom, and proceeding to slap your partner across the face with the swollen rubber, causing it to pop all over their face.
After fucking the shit out of my girlfriend, she wouldn't shutup about Jersey Shore, so i gave her a sticky balloon to make her shut her mouth.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
A variant of the Eiffel Tower, instead of high fiving over the bitch, you both roll in opposite directions causing her to flip onto her back, after which you alternate thrusts, much like you alternate moving on a seesaw.
Our teacher was such a TILF, me and my friend absolutely had to bend her over and give her a squeaky seesaw in the middle of class.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
After blinding your partner with multi led flashlight, which incase you didn't know, is bright as fuck and can be purchased at any walmart or walgreens, you bend them over and have rough anal sex, without any lubricant whatsoever, then continue to cum wherever you choose.
my wife was cleaning our closet so i called her name and when she came over, we performed a pointy lamppost. that shit was well worth the divorce.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
Your partner lays down on their stomach as you cum buckets all down the back of their head to make it seem like they have white dreadlocks.
My girlfriend was out in our backyard tanning and i suddenly snuck up on her and gave a good ol' jamaican tanning bed.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
After having hardcore anal sex and performing a donkey punch on your mate, grab them, and throw them head first through the nearest window, regardless of what floor you're on.
I've had a broken neck since i received a somalian rocket from my boyfriend.
by idropkickhelicopters August 15, 2011
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