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Okay. There are two definitions for pop punk.

a. The TRUE pop punk, which is punk music with pop hooks. Oftentimes this music will talk about girls, love, etc. because thos things are IMPORTANT to the lyricist at the time. Anyone who says that talking about love isn't punk because "no real punk rockers do" means that you are CONFORMING to what youv'e been told is punk. Now, now, we wouldn't want that, would we, Mr. Self-Declared-Anti-Conformist?

Here, you might be saying,"What a hypocrite. You are telling me right now what the definition of pop punk is, so why can't i be told the definition of punk?"
You see, the reason I am posting the definition of pop punk is because this is a DICTIONARY, and that's what they are for. I'm not trying to impose my beliefs on you, I'm trying to make this site a reliable reference for anyone who would like to know what pop punk is widely accepted as meaning.

Okay. Rant is over.

b. According to MTV and Top 40 radio, pop punk is bad pop music played by people that dress like mall punks. This isn't true, but it's widely accepted, so this is here for reference.
by idontwantaname September 14, 2005

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