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A full grown woman who has the imagination of a fifth grader and fantasies about have magical powers and a flying dragon. Also known as the bitch who wrote a book where the most interesting conflict was a scar hurting.
Sir Reginald Cumberbottom the 3rd: What are you doing.

J.K. Rowling: Im pretending to be a wizard!

Cumberbottom: 0_o

Rowling: I've got to get in the mindset to write my book.

Cumberbottom: Did you take your special medicine?
by idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
A person (most likely and idiot or dumbass) who lives and breathes twilight. The people are characterized by their fucking annoying nature and their idiotic beleif that vampires do exist and that they will marry the fictional faggot known as edward cullen and someday take his virginity.
person A: Whats the most annoying part of twilight?
person B: What?
person A: the fans (twi-hards)
by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
When some one breaks something very fragile and/or valuable in a very clumsy and stupid manner.
Billy Joe Bobby: Why are you working late?
Person A: Oh, i pulled a Kanisi broke my moms vase and she's making me pay for it.

also see: klutzilla klutz
by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 22, 2011
Someone, often time a girl, who looks innocent but is actually a very dirty badass who will dominate in a fight.
you see that girl in the baby blue sweater? She's a real mimran
by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 22, 2011
The word that was ruined when it was associated with Edward Cullens face.
Bitch Bella: Your doing it again
FAggot Edward: What?
Bitch Bella: Dazzle (ing) me ;) (in a horny tone)

by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
A word blondes use to describe things (mostly other blondes) that look, sound or make them horny.
Blonde A: Im gonna go home tonight and look at my vagina with a hand mirror
Blonde B: Kinky ;)
by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
The little boy who always knew he was different from the others and had big dreams of moving out from his abusinve uncles' hous and seeing the world! And all his dreams come true when and a half giant half human tells him hes a wizard. Also see cinderella because the only difference between this and that, is a kiss.
Harry Potter: ME SCAR HURTS!
me: SHUT UP HARRY! *pulls out an AK 47 and shoot harry in the scar*
by idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
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